Alexandra D’Addario Plastic Surgery – Changing Her Ways

Alexandra D’addario is arguably one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. Rising to fame for her roles in the Percy Jackson films, along with her performances in Baywatch and San Andreas, she has become a very popular icon. She was born in 1986 in New York City, New York, and started her career way back in 2002. She started off as a character in All My Children, a simple soap opera. Her childish looks were soon caught on, and she began to make her name in the industry. The Percy Jackson series though, took her to new heights and established her as one of the leading stars in the Hollywood world. Her curvy body, piercing blue eyes, and her youthful looks have made her a major star.

alexandra daddario plastic surgery

Alexandra Daddario plastic surgery

She even had a tantalizing role in True Detective, where every viewer got a firsthand look at her breasts. Alexandra Daddario’s breasts are pretty big, leading to speculation that she had implants installed. Alexandra Daddario breast size is around 34 D, making her one of the more voluptuous models in the industry. In fact, the reason why so many rumors rose in the past is due to the fact that her size jumped instantly from 32 C to 34 D. Of course, body growth happens differently or everyone, which means that she is perfectly within her right to say that her breasts are natural. In fact, from the hundreds of circulating rumors around the industry, Daddario has chosen not to address even a single rumor against her, choosing to ignore them all at press events.

alexandra daddario implants

Alexandra Daddario implants

So, Did She Get Surgery?

On the basis of evidence, it’s easy to say that she did get surgery. For many celebrities, the choice of getting plastic surgery done is completely personal. However, the rumors around Alexandra Daddario’s implants have been quite persistent in the past few years, and the fact that she never addresses them might be one of the reasons why these rumors continue to grow. While many have talked about Alexandra Daddario’s boob job, some claim that she is all natural. Of course, if the industry would have you believe, it’s easy to say that a person can enhance their looks by going under the knife. If you look at pictures of Alexandra Daddario from the past and now, you will realize that she has changed considerably. The reason why the 31 year old came out with more cleavage than other stars is because of plastic surgery. If you look at the pictures, you will realize that the rumors of the Alexandra Daddario’s plastic surgery are true.

alexandra daddario breasts

Alexandra Daddario breasts

Breast Implants

Numerous pictures have shown that Alexandra Daddario had an average breast size, but she wanted to get bigger breasts. Her breasts were previously average sized, but in the newer pictures, they look more round and shapely. Because she started off so early (at the age of 16), she had average sized breasts, but with the passage of time, there was a sizeable improvement in size.

alexandra daddario breast size

Alexandra Daddario breast size

From the thin, frail teen that she was, Alexandra has also worked on her body considerably, and now her boobs tend to match the shape and size of her body.

alexandra daddario boob job

Alexandra Daddario boob job

All in all, we can easily say that her boobs look perfect, and she is by far one of the hottest ladies in the industry right now. That has led to a flurry of roles, and catapulted her into one of the biggest stars on the big screen.

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