Owen Wilson – what really happened to his nose?

Owen Wilson is a famous American actor, screenwriter and producer, having succeeded in Hollywood despite his unusual appearance. While not possessing typical movie star looks, there are numerous questions as to whether he has plastic surgery, particularly on his nose. The strange bone structure of his nose has led to much speculation, which he will neither confirm nor deny.

Owen Wilson

The Owen Wilson nose job is hard to prove as he reportedly had an accident playing football for his high school team as a youngster which may have led to surgery to correct the break.

A further complication arises as he allegedly broke his nose a second time during a misjudged fight, which may have led to its curved shape.

Owen Wilson nose job
Owen Wilson nose job

Numerous before and after photos exist, leading some to suggest he has had rhinoplasty surgery, but whether this was for vanity or medical reasons is unknown. He has hinted that he has suffered some breathing problems due to his injuries which could account for surgery.

Owen Wilson films:

  • Masterminds
  • No Escape
  • Are You Here
  • The Big Year
  • Hall Pass
  • Little Fockers
  • Marley & Me

Owen Wilson

If the allegations of plastic surgery on his nose are hard to determine, then the question as to whether he has ever used Botox should be easier to decide. Recent photos seem to show a brighter, shinier face than in previous years, creating an unnatural appearance.

Owen Wilson

There also appears to be a lack of expression which is a recognised side effect of Botox injections, making it difficult to display emotions – certainly an essential requirement as an actor!

Owen Wilson nose job
Owen Wilson

There is undoubtedly a difference in his appearance from previous movies including one of his most famous, The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), compared to his recent acting roles.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson needs to ensure he doesn’t embark on the slippery slope followed by some celebrities who have introduced more and more surgery with disastrous results. Botox needs to be handled with care, and he should ensure he is taking appropriate advice. The shape of his nose may play to his advantage with his liking for comedy roles, giving him an edge over actors with his unique look.

What remains certain is the fact that this topic continues to be of interest to celebrity followers who await his next move with interest. His unusual facial features are his fortune and should not be tampered with any further; otherwise, he could be making the headlines for all the wrong reasons!

owen wilson nose job
Owen Wilson nose job photo
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